Dr Walter Zander 8 June 1898 - 7 April 1993

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Soviet Jewry, Palestine and the West 210 London Victor Gollancz 1947 109 pp

Is This the Way?

The Jewish Chronicle on Is This the Way?, April 2, 1948

THE JEWISH QUARTERLY published four pages of extracts from IS THIS THE WAY?
in its Autumn 2001 issue.

81.5 London Victor Gollancz 1948 47 pp
Israel and the Holy Places of Christendom
  1. The Nature of the Christian Attachment to the Holy Places
  2. The Holy Places and the Division of the Church
  3. The Struggle About a Legal Investigation
  4. Government for the Sake of the Holy Places
  5. New Developments in the Churches
  6. We Came to Jerusalem not to Possess Ourselves of the Holy Places of Others
  7. 'An Oasis of Peace and Prayer': A New Appeal for Internationalisation
  8. Solemn Declarations and Functional Internationalisation
  9. United Nations — United Religions — or Arab-Israel Condominium?
  10. The Christian Holy Places and the Reunion of the Churches
512 London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1971 248 pp